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Holy Cross Boys PS, Belfast


In Holy Cross Boys’ PS, we strive to develop mathematical skills alongside the knowledge and understanding of Maths facts across the breadth of attainment target areas consistent with the requirements of the revised curriculum and Levels of Progression.

In our teaching and learning of Mathematics & Numeracy, we aim to:  


1.    Develop within our pupils a positive attitude towards Mathematics/ Numeracy through promoting the subject in a relevant and interesting manner thus promoting confidence, pleasure and success in the subject.

2.    Give children an appreciation of Mathematics/ Numeracy as a creative subject, of its structure and pattern, and of its aesthetic value to the environment.

3.    Develop within our pupils an understanding that Mathematics/ Numeracy has relevance across the curriculum and value in real- life situations.

4.    Develop an understanding of basic concepts through encouraging the pupils in logical thinking and the recognition of mathematical relationships by involving the pupils in well planned investigation and process activities.

5.    Develop a clear and good use of Numeracy vocabulary which is reflective of their ability and experience.

6.    Foster the use of mathematical skills and knowledge accompanied by quick recall of basic facts.

7.    Provide our pupils with a variety of learning experiences which allow for the variety of learning styles that exist throughout the school.

8.    Provide our pupils with opportunities in order that they may understand number patterns, place value and spatial awareness at all levels.

9.    Develop our pupils’ mental ability to calculate and to be able to visualise number and its use throughout all areas of Mathematics.

10.Help our pupils appreciate and comprehend all measures in common use and their application in everyday life.

11.Make appropriate use of ICT to promote learning and teaching in Mathematics/ Numeracy.

12.Consolidate Numeracy processes and concepts by presenting our pupils with practical experiences which are presented in a planned curriculum.

13.Promote Mathematics across the curriculum, at a level appropriate to the pupil’s ability.


We have recently introduced a new online learning platform called Freckle, which is by Renaissance. The boys are very excited to use this adaptive learning programme, which we are aiming to introduce as a compulsory online homework in Term 3. Check out the Freckle page for more information.


We use our range of playground markings to promote the learning of Mathematics / Numeracy in a fun and active way.

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