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Here at Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School, we see P.E as an important and valuable area within the curriculum. We believe everyone can benefit from physical activity. Not only does it keep our bodies healthy, but it teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, resilience and helps build self-confidence. All pupils are encouraged to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle which is reinforced during our weekly lessons. We use our own school hall and pitch for lessons, but when either are not available, we have a great working relationship with Ardoyne YC and we can avail of their facilities. 

Foundation Stage

At Foundation Stage there is an emphasis on developing Fundamental Movement Skills. These are the skills which support children's co-ordination and movement. In essence, these are the “building blocks” for the more complex and specialised skills that children will need throughout their lives. These include balance, locomotor and ball skills. In foundation stage, physical activity is often used to strengthen the understanding of other subjects taught in the classroom e.g. W.A.U. topics. 


At KS1, Fundamental skills are further reinforced through different sporting disciplines including invasion games, dance, gymnastics and athletics. KS1 classes participate in Gaelfast GAA programme which is led by specialised coaches for hurling and Gaelic. There is also an emphasis on the importance of good health relating to physical exercise and a healthy diet. 


In KS2, pupils experience a range of high-quality PE lessons taught by our own class teachers and Gaelfast GAA and IABA coaches within our local area. Many activities taught in PE require children to work in groups to solve problems. There are also opportunities for the boys to compete in sporting competitions. This is invaluable for developing both leadership and teamwork skills. Children also learn to develop the concept of fair play, good sportsmanship and how to handle both success and defeat. In P5, the boys also begin their swimming lessons. By the end of their lessons, they will have mastered a range of strokes and should be able to swim confidently.  

Sports Teams

We have a number of sports teams here at Holy Cross Boys which include;


Gaelic Football



Table Tennis

Sports Day

Sports day is a huge community event that is always one of the highlights of our school calendar. There is an event for all pupils to compete in! It is a great day to celebrate the fantastic sporting talent that we have here at Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School.

Daily Mile

The Daily mile is an excellent way to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We have a Daily Mile timetable for each class to run or walk laps of our school pitch to reach our one-mile target. It has been lots of fun for everyone…even the teachers have go! Running or walking a mile during the school day has taught the children the importance of regular physical activity. There have been improvements in aerobic endurance and overall fitness as well as enhanced motivation and concentration when learning in the classroom. We have loved taking part in the Northern Ireland daily mile as we are running alongside lots of other children all over the country!

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