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Holy Cross Boys PS, Belfast
HCB wins Best School Award at the Families First Education Awards 2022 [Open Image]
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Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)

Every aspects of a child’s experience at home, school and as members of their community contribute to Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU). Children are greatly influenced by society’s values; the values held by their peers, the values which are communicated explicitly or implicitly in school, and by the values of the home. Maintaining a close partnership with parents is fundamental to the task of promoting P.D.M.U. Values such as honesty, justice, fairness and respect for self and others always remain at the forefront of all teaching and learning in Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School.

At Holy Cross Boys’ Primary School we will endeavour to enhance and consolidate the personal and social development of each child and thus enable him to become a confident person and a valuable member of his community and the wider world. Our aims are to develop the self-worth and confidence of each child in the school. We want children to appreciate that other children have worth, rights and needs.

We strive to develop life skills which enable children to participate effectively and safely in society. We want children to identify, review and evaluate the values they and society hold so that they can take increasing responsibility for their own lives.