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Holy Cross Boys PS, Belfast

Healthy Eating

  • In Holy Cross Boys’ PS, we pride ourselves on our Healthy Eating focus. The school is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes healthy eating and enables pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat. This is achieved by the whole school approach to food and nutrition documented in our healthy eating policy.
  • We understand that snacks are an important part of the diet of young people and can contribute positively towards a balanced diet. Our children bring in fruit or vegetables for their snack at break times and can also have water or milk.
  • Our school canteen provides a variety of hot and well-balanced meals for our children. Please see an example of a menu below. We also promote healthy options for packed lunches. The school do not allow nuts or products containing nuts, fizzy drinks or sweets in packed lunches. The children are allowed a small treat in their packed lunch, e.g. a biscuit or small packet of crisps. 
  • In HCB we celebrate Healthy Eating annually in our ‘Healthy Eating Day’ where each class participate in preparing a healthy snack. The children really love getting involved in preparing their own snack and are even brave enough to try some new foods too!
11th May 2022
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