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Holy Cross Boys PS, Belfast
Year 7 School Show will take place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th June at 10.00am in the school hall. | HCB will be closed on Mon 29th and Tue 30th May 2023.
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Our exciting World Around Us curriculum is an area of learning all of our pupil’s experience from P1-P7. It encourages our children’s natural curiosity and answers questions about the world from the perspectives of Geography, History, and Science & Technology. We enable children to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in four connected strands:

  •  Interdependence
  •  Place
  •  Movement and Energy
  •  Change Over Time.

All classes will experience curricular trips related to their learning topics throughout the year and we also aim to invite visitors into our school to answer questions about the topics being studied.

Three contributory elements within the World Around Us

Geography explores the relationship between the earth and its people through the study of the environment, place and space. Children will develop a knowledge of places and environments throughout the world and enhance their problem solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. 

History will help develop concepts of sequence and time along with evidence which help us realise what happened in the past. Children will gain an awareness of their past and changes which have occurred over time through examining evidence, looking at photographs, watching media clips, listening to stories and attending outings. 

Science and Technology helps stimulate a child’s curiosity and interests. We teach our children to be individuals. We design practical, innovative lessons that help children engage, collaborate, be creative and think differently. Children will learn to ask scientific questions; enhancing their critical thinking and cultivating a passion for learning.  We provide children with ample opportunities to develop the skills of Science and Technology throughout the year.


Nature Garden

We are very lucky to have our very own nature garden. We believe that gardening improves pupil’s confidence, resilience and responsibility. The school garden provides many curriculum opportunities such as increasing scientific knowledge and understanding. It improves communication and problem solving skills and provides the opportunity for physical development based on the NI Curriculum. Through hands-on gardening pupils can gain knowledge of plant science, wildlife, environmental management and the process of change.

At Holy Cross Boys’ Primary, we aim to give the children an environment which allows them to experience the outdoors, to promote gardening and provide guidelines for the use of the school garden.

Below is an example of two exciting experiments conducted by one of our amazing Primary 4 classes:

Primary 4 Constructing a Rain Gauge and Measuring Rainfall


Water Cycle and Weather Reports


Throughout the academic year all classes will be uploading photos related to their topics so that you can see what we are all getting up to!

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